Investment Philosophy

At ValueInvest, we approach investing with patience and discipline. The investment philosophy rests on our core conviction that long-term preservation and accumulation of wealth can best be achieved through a combination of attractive valuations and thorough assessment of the quality of the businesses. The hallmarks of quality include profitability, earnings stability, low debt, and efficient use of assets. High-quality businesses with sustainable competitive advantages are believed to increase shareholder wealth throughout business cycles.

The aim is to produce attractive risk-adjusted long-term returns investing in understandable businesses with mispriced earnings power. Great importance is placed on assessing risks and in-depth research is used to gain detailed insight into the companies invested in.

Focused on long-term goals, we understand that short-term price fluctuations do not always reflect a company’s value, which is why our investment strategy is based on the conviction that markets are inefficient in the short term. Volatility is seen as an opportunity to capitalize on mispricing through our structured investment process. In some cases, value investing requires a contrarian position – we recognize that going against prevailing trends is sometimes necessary to achieve our long-term investment objectives.